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MuNcH CrUnCh
wAys To rELaX
hYgEnIc hAbITs
cOnTaCt Us

wAys To rELaX YoUr miNd & BoDY

Having trouble finding a way to relax your mind/body?

We have a few ideas for you!
~ Have a stroll
somewhere quiet/calm.

E.G: Beach
~ Park, etc.

If you are stressed, and having a stroll did not help you, relax by:

~ breathing in and out between 2-5 minutes.
~ look at green trees.
~ look at somewhere far.
~ stare into space for 3-7 minutes.
~ take a short nap for 15-25 minutes.
~ read a book on yoga and try to do it!
~ listen to soothing music.

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