Your Business Slogan

MuNcH CrUnCh
wAys To rELaX
hYgEnIc hAbITs
cOnTaCt Us

eXeRcIsInG BenEfIts

Running/Jogging- helps to build up your stamina, your leg muscles
~ you use your legs to run/jog.

Swimming-helps to improve your hand & leg muscles
~you use your hand/arm to paddle backwards/forward while you use your legs to kick to move forward or backward.

Cycling- burns up extra calories in your body
~ you use your legs to paddle the paddle and with that, you will perspire.

Netball/Basketball- improves your legs & arm muscles
~you need to throw/pass the ball to the other players on your team, you also need to run into space in order to get the ball that is when you use your legs.

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